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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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rival groups of men started arguing,. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live from opd headquarters with more. bob chief john mina just gave a briefing about this suspect and other developments. reporter: he confirmed that the two people who were shot and killed were part of these rival gangs going out it. as a for the man already charge, we asked the police chief. 23-year-old jose jaime brull lopez is facing felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon in the glitz nightclub, then tampering with physical evidence when police say he threw his weapon up on the roof of a shed. that begs the question what did brull lopez do with his weapon between the time he allegedly admitted smuggling the nine millimeter handgun with a
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the club. and the time the club erupted in to chaos with rival groups of men fighting and shots being fired in to the crowd that left 10 people wounded, two victims died. when police confronted him outside the club they say brull lopez was standing near a wounded victim who eventually died. at first police say brull lopez lied about going inside the club at all. and lied about being armed. when he allegedly admitted that he was inside and did pull the firearm brull lopez vehemently denied ever firing the weapon. in their report police said they tested his hand for gunshot residue, and collected a dna sample. we asked chief john mina about him. >> i am not going to talk about the investigation and who are suspects are. reporter: he confirms the owner has shut the clubs doors.
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police headquarters, bob kealing. summer: a heartbreaking scene at an arizona high school where two teen girls were found shot to death, wesh 2' s stewart moore is in the breaking news center, stewart this had some parents pretty shaken up today. reporter: police say both of the girls killed had only one gunshot wound and the gun was found in between them. at no point did investigators think someone was on the run, but as you can imagine parents and students were terrified. the high school was locked down and parents were corralled at a nearby store and then bused to the school to reunite with their kids. >>it' s a tragic incident and two young people are dead this morning. we don' t believe there are any outstanding suspects. these two young women were found next to each other and there was a weapon found beside them. reporter: both of the girls were 15-years-old. right now we have not been told this was a murder suicide or any details about a possible motive. the students have been released from class and
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out. meredith: thousands of drivers continue to fight gridlock along highway 17-92 in maitland. drivers are wondering why there is a lack of traffic enforcement as work is done on the rail road crossing bridge on 17-92 south, that' s between park avenue and monroe. wesh 2' s greg fox is live there now. greg are police out there now? reporter: police have been out there on and off today. we are looking at the turn off onto park avenue for southbound 1792, before the bridge. those cars have been waiting at a yellow flashing light to go. we have seen collision after collision as they try to do that. they are hoping in this afternoon rush moves better than this morning. by the middle of the day, a maitland police officer had
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signal at 17-92 and park avenue, where southbound traffic was being detoured. but drivers who have been slowed to a crawl since thursday night, wonder why more police patrols had not been put in place, to try and loosen the mess caused by the reconstruction of the road bed under this railroad crossing bridge. >> we' re headed down to colonial and it' s pretty frustrating going back a ways away. reporter: this driver told us, with traffic backed up several miles into downtown maitland, it took more than half an hour to get through. he and others wondered how this should have been planned a bit better. >> they' ve got to be able to pull off something better than this, seriously. >> under circumstances like this, with busy traffic like this, i definitely think that night construction would have been better. reporter: maitland police say the department of transportation' s contractor did not give them enough time to arrange off-duty patrols. reporter: it is probably a
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it is on the part of dot and the contractor. we have detours for people to get off the roadway, but not everybody sees those. winter park will be held up overnight. so far, police have no plans to provide off-duty patrols for this project, but will have officers stationed here, if available. this construction project is supposed to be done by monday morning at 6:00. meredith: right now we' re still waiting to find out if one of those alternate routes to the 17-92 mess will reopen today. part of kennedy boulevard in eatonville was shut down after a water main break. crews planned to reopen that road today. people who live in eatonville are under a boil water notice. summer: an arrest has been made in an orlando murder investigation from last august. 22-year-old damario robinson is charged with first degree murder and home invasion. these charges are from a murder
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littles who was shot to death on lighthouse circle last august. investigators say he came back to the same house, and committed a home invasion a few days later. robinson is being held without bond. meredith: the chance to turn in your gun for a gift card. and get a $50 gift card. this is that south orange blossom trail, a continues until 7:00 tonight. last year, 293 guns were stolen out of cars. in 79% of those cases, the vehicles were unlocked. >>the reason we' re doing this is because, in our community, we see a nexus between stolen guns and violent crime and this initiative is all about trying to get the guns out of the hands of criminals. meredith: among the guns recovered, they reach --
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two people are killed in what appears to be a freak accident last night in palm coast, where a man and woman were run over by the driver of a dump truck it happened at a construction site on forest grove drive and palm harbor parkway. and as wesh 2' s claire metz reports, moments before the accident, that same driver had actually stopped to help the victims. reporter: the victims are friends, 29 year old kevin walsh and 22-year-old jessica darby. walsh had got his pickup up stuck in soft dirt at this construction site behind me. jessica, who was 8 months pregnant and her fiance, came over to help walsh. >> kevin, i love you and i miss you kid. reporter: kevin walsh' s uncle and cousin held each other close after visiting the site where this young man lost his life, walsh grew up in the area, his family, friends are here and the loss say loved ones is a crushing blow. >> he was a very very good guy, very loving very caring, just don' t understand it. reporter: walsh may have been cutting across the site last night when his pickup got stuck and he called his friends, jessica darby and her
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out. but the three couldn' t free the pickup. they asked a dump truck driver, 60-year-old paul beagan to give them a pull but beagan couldn' t do it either as beagan backed up to leave, he ran over walsh and darby, killing them instantly. darby' s family and friends were also at the site to see it for themselves, they didn' t want to comment, but some left flowers and balloons in her honor, she was just 5 weeks away from giving birth to a son. walsh' s cousin told us the young man was a go-getter, working his own landscape business, fun and loving. >> he was always very happy and like just like you said he was very joyous, always wanted to be around his family and his friends. reporter: the dump truck driver, drove away from the scene, apparently unaware he had hit anyone he was stopped less than a mile down the road. it all sounds like a terribly tragic accident, the dump truck driver trying to help the young people, then hitting them as they stood here but fhp tells us charges in the case are pending and the crash remains under investigation. in palm coast, flagler county,
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summer: when stopped, the dump truck driver, from port orange, said he had chest pains and was taken to a local hospital to be checked out. meredith: central florida congressman alan grayson is flat-out rejecting calls to drop out of the race for a u.s. senate seat in our state. grayson is angrily fighting back against u.s. senate minority leader harry reid for saying grayson should end his bid to replace senator marco rubio. wesh two' s jim payne is here with more on an escalating war of words. reporter: congressman grayson has never been one to mince words. he remains he is the clear choice of democrats, and will be a senator with death. he says minority leader read is trying to pressure him out of the race. he said he is questioning his morality to sink so low. one of the issues, grayson' s business activities have come under scrutiny. the new york times says grayson promoted his international travels. they say he was soliciting
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grayson is no stranger to controversy. in 2013, he had an e-mail linking the tea party to the ku klux klan. he said the republican plan for health care, was that if you got sick, to die quickly. grayson is running against two-term congressman patrick murphy from south florida. meredith: school districts and students have something in common, it is a nerve-racking experience when grades come out. grades were released across the state. reporter: it is that time of the year, the time when school district get their report cards and their grades. here in central florida as always there' s good news with the bad. in terms of districts, the news was over all impressive. seminole and brevard counties got straight as and the rest of central florida' s school districts
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volusia and orange, got eight. in breaking down orange county, central florida' s largest school district and 10th largest in the nation, there was a lot to brag about close to 80 schools in orange got a' s including over 40 elementary schools, nine charter schools, 14 middle schools and 9 high schools. winter park high was one of them. why is it important to a parent? >> i think it matters because it is important for the future of our children. reporter: but in orange county, there was a short list of f schools, eight total. two are charter schools and six are elementary schools: orlo vista, rolling hills, ivey lane, eccleston elementary, washington shores and pine hills elementary. the news upset this parent, who' s son is a fifth grader at pine hills elementary. >> they need to figure out what they are going to do, it is not fair to the children. reporter: what was the school district' s
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in an email, superintendent barbara jenkins said in part, the grades are of limited value at this point and are viewed as partial grades because they lack critical components such as learning gains. we asked a school district rep what' s the plan for the f schools and at this point they say they don' t know. in orange county michelle meredith wesh two news. meredith: those represent the 2014-2015 school year. summer: why deputies stopped a car, and the illegal items they found. meredith: clooney steps away from the red carpet to talk politics in europe. tony: it was a gorgeous day
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meredith: breaking news in the case of a missing three-year-old.
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his mother and an escaped inmate. the trio has been found. we have the breaking details. reporter: it is a remarkable set of breaking details. we still want to show you a picture of the three-year-old xander quigley . three weeks ago, a man who was on work release here was on this resort at the oceanfront, a maintenance man here. the authorities of his girlfriend helped him get away. they took off, and he did not report back to the correctional institute. they took three-year-old xander quigley , who was along with his mother and this man. we are working on the three-week anniversary. a man had received a call from the u.s. marshals service saying they had all been found in
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a woman had called asking him to drive to kentucky to pick up xander. marshals service. they say the details are limited, but they did confirm a couple hours ago, all three have been found safe. s office which first reported the disappearance and the escape. they say they are working for more details. once again, the u.s. marshals service has confirmed for us this afternoon that natasha quigley and gary bullock junior and xander quigley have all been found. certainly good news for those grandparents. summer: absolutely good news.
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chancellor angela merkel to figure out how the world can solve this crisis in syria. george clooney praised merkel for what he called strong leadership helping the refugees. amal and george planned to visit a refugee shelter later today in berlin. george is there to showcase his new movie "hail, caesar" at the berlin film festival. meredith: chief meteorologist tony mainolfi joining us now. it is just a beautiful. tony: we have great weekend weather. temperatures a few degrees cooler. let me show you the blue skies over central florida. downtown traffic a little heavy on friday. getting ready for the weekends. 75 right now, winds out of the west. beautiful day, gorgeous evening. if you will be driving around downtown orlando, winter park, you were in good shape. afternoon highs 76 in safford -- sanford.
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it will come through before dawn. it will turbines more towards the northwest tomorrow. degrees off of those highs today. ocala, 75. 73 toward winter haven. as we take a look at the temperature change this time yesterday, 15 degrees cooler and brevard county today. the winds now, west and southwest. we have had gusts as high as 25-30. orlando, hour-by-hour, 60 degrees by 9:00. maybe a light jacket. daytona beach goes from 73 down to 63 47 palm coast, 45 in ocala. clouds arriving, not as cold,
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mid 70' s and 60' s. on into sunday, northeasterly flow. let' s take a look at those neighborhood highs for tomorrow. 62 and 75 in bellevue. we head toward orlando, mid 70' s replaced by mid-60' s. marineland, 57 degrees during back toward melbourne, highs in the mid 60' s during let' s begin with the polar plunge. jim payne will be hosting this, benefiting the special olympics. 59, 62, 63. get sunglasses, it will be bright tomorrow. the race kicks off at about 4:15. gorgeous sunset, have jackets ready to go.
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s day, we jump up to 77. wednesday, a little cooler. popular neighborhood restaurant. summer: new details of the man customers, and fbi has been
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meredith: meredith: restaurant patrons in columbus were attacked by a man with a machete, the fbi is helping local police in the investigation to see if it was random or an act of homegrown terrorism. summer: police say one woman and three men were hurt, and one of those men is in critical but stable condition. please say it seems the attack was unprovoked, and it appears to be random. police tried to stop the attacker with a stun-gun, but he was shot and killed while lunging at officers. meredith: a five month old girl is in the car when the vehicle was stolen. now baby is back with her mother in california, police say around three in the afternoon the mom had just gotten baby in the car, ran into her apartment to get something. when she came out the car was gone. a young boy playing soccer at the time saw the whole thing, and gave police a
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>> the guy was running, he went into the car. he turned the car on, no, it was already on. the car was going really fast. meredith: good for him. the baby was found about an hour later a few miles down the road, still in the carseat with the windows of the car down. no one has been arrested. summer: a water main break is causing a big icy mess for one pennsylvania neighborhood. in scranton, the water damage tore up sidewalks and asphalt as the break flowed for three hours before it was fixed. add bitterly cold temperatures and water from the 20 foot geyser and you' ll realize how all that ice formed on homes, trees, power lines and just about everything else. a school bus goes out of control on a new jersey roadway when a substitute driver has a medical emergency. meredith: students are being credited with saving lives, there were about 28 students on the bus
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they realized something wasn' t right when they passed the exit for the school, and jumped into action. >> he kept trying to calm himself kept taking his hands off the wheel and putting it on his chest. >> but then he started going again past the red light that is when i jumped in and pushed the car into park i just told everyone to get out to get out the bus. meredith: all of the students are safe, and the bus driver was in stable condition when taken to the hospital. a rape suspect on the run for more than 20 years.
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meredith: drug agents say it is the largest amount of hair when have ever found, in marion county. they believe they put a dent in some of the heroin sales. gail, has heroin become the new drug of choice? reporter: they say investigators since the pill mills are being shut
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looking for another high that appears to be heroin which the sheriff says can be mixed with other things and could be deadly he adds the heroin is coming in places. guns, drugs and more than $21,000 in cash, all the result of the largest heroin bust at one time in marion county. two and half pounds recovered just in this one bust, took a the streets. gail: about a pound and half of herion with a street value of nearly $100,000. multiple agencies with the marion county sheriff' s office conducted a traffic stop wednesday and arrested 32-year-old stephanie rodriguez and her husband felipe wednesday near i-75 and state road 200. k-9 aja made the case when she made a positive alert to narcotics. >> subsequently, the search about pound and half of heroin concealed in a cassette recorder in the vehicle. gail: investigators say they' ve been
4:31 pm
sometime but stopped short of any other details. as for the heroin, >> i truly believe it' s coming from the outside, this is a national trend. gail: sheriff chris blair believes the suspects are mid level dealers because of the amount seized. >> typically heroin is sold in one gram, that about 630 grams. gail: investigators say a couple of assualt rifles were found in a utility trailer belonging felipe rodguez. detectives also searched the suspects' home here in magnolia point in ocala, where they say they found the cash a 72 inch flat screen tv, they said was used for surveillance and a 9mm firearm. they face a number of charges, including armed trafficking, possession. they have bonded out of jail.
4:32 pm
police are asking for your help in identifying a man who robbed a local chevron nation at gunpoint. surveillance video shows him walking into the station on sunday morning. he pointed the gun at a clark, demanded money, and ran off when he got it. summer: new details about what led to a deadly motorcycle crash in osceola county. this was the scene last night on pleasant hill road and granada boulevard. troopers put out a report overnight, saying a car turned into the path of the motorcyclist, killing him. the victim has been identified as 41-year-old julio cerda. troopers say he wasn' t wearing a helmet at the time. no word if any charges will be filed. meredith: palm bay police are launching a new effort to find a rape suspect who' s eluded them for decades. they say douglas adams is wanted for assaulting a child, and as wesh 2' s dan billow found out, police think he' s using the name of a
4:33 pm
reporter: by 2004, his identity and appearance had changed. he assumed the identity of a dead man. >> he was in the phoenix, arizona area, new mexico, miami. reporter: as police canvassed neighborhoods and palm bay and everywhere, he has been found. an incident detailed and eight-year-old girl, who said he sexually battered her several times. police found a recorded call, and the defendant apologized to the victim when she confronted him about the sexual abuse. >> especially now, this is difficult for the victim. reporter: this happened at a time when detective work was different, based more on instinct. even today with our sophisticated electronics, police have still gotten nowhere. >> if you pay cash instead of credit, it is still easy to get away, because everything is with
4:34 pm
reporter: they are releasing these pictures, hoping someone can help her find justice. meredith: at 5:00 am you will hear from a local resident who believes that she has seen the fugitive in the area recently. a composite sketch of a man who robbed a woman at the driveway of her home. he caps on her window at her home along grandview avenue. she thought her friends were playing a joke on her, because it was her birthday. but a second man with a gun at showed up at her passenger door. they took off the $50 in cash. summer: i woman caught stealing a package right off of a doorstep. in that package, medication for a sick child. take a look from a camera hidden inside the doorbell. you can see the ups driver walk up and leave the package at the front door. but just seconds after he leaves, a woman walks up to the door, puts the package
4:35 pm
s father was able to get more medicine for his son, but has a message for the thieves. >> you take medicine from a kid. it doesn' t get lower than that. you just of medicine from a kid. summer: officers are still looking for the woman and the driver of that car. meredith: a wrong way accident heading into downtown tampa this morning leaves two drivers dead, these are pictures from florida highway patrol, troopers say around 5-40 this morning a driver was going the wrong way up the ashley drive exit ramp of the southbound lanes of 275, troopers say neither driver was wearing a seatbelt and died from their injuries, troopers are trying to figure out why the driver was going up the wrong way on the access ramp. summer: in commitment 2016 news the presidential candidates are focusing on south carolina today, the next primary is just eight days away, nbc's brian mooar reports on how the republican presidential candidates are now preparing for tomorrow night' s
4:36 pm
reporter: they once seemed like unbeatable nomination she wins, but now hillary clinton and jeb bush are trying to prove they can win in south carolina. >> i believe in the holy spirit, i hope for the holy spirit to be coming here in the next week. reporter: evangelicals at bob jones university. it was attended by ben carson, marco rubio, and ted cruz. donald trump is risking the wrath of catholics. he will have an upcoming visit to the mexico border. >> i am glad i am the second choice now. a couple weeks ago, they would not have known how to pronounce my name. reporter: hillary clinton wants south carolina to be a
4:37 pm
>> senator sanders says that president obama failed residential leadership test. it is not the percent yesterday size president obama. >> we have the right to disagree with the president. reporter: getting personal and the battle for south carolina. look for more clashes saturday night as the slimmed-down republican field meets in greenbelt, south carolina. meredith: republican presidential candidate donald trump is taking his campaign to tampa and just a couple hours. he will be holding a rally at the usf sun dome tonight at 7:00. a brevard county community is on edge after coyotes have been caught on camera roaming the streets. florida fish and wildlife officers say coyotes are predators and have a taste for small animals, like cats and dogs. wildlife officials say it' s likely the coyotes made their way to the community because of the feral cat population especially around gleason park. now people who live in indian
4:38 pm
being asked to do their part. >> they' re after a food source and if you eliminate that food source like fruit from a tree, dog food and cat food left out, trash, they will go after that. meredith: wildlife officers say don' t leave your dog or cat unattended especially in the late morning or early evening that' s when coyotes are most active. fwc is working on capturing and relocating the animals but say they won' t be able to remove every coyote. summer: free clinics have enacted -- active at the state capitals. the clinic volunteers helped make the case for a budget item to help free clinics statewide. at the clearwater clinic they say it keeps floridians from getting terminally sick. >> 75% of our patients have
4:39 pm
we need to keep people healthy, get back to work, keep them out of the emergency room. summer: last year, lawmakers approved $9.5 million for the clinic. meredith: there' s plenty to do this weekend and the weather is perfect to get out and enjoy. wesh 2 news anchor jazmin walker has the top 5 things to do this weekend that don' t include any racing events. reporter: there are plenty of fun things to do this weekend around central florida first up, is nude nite. the annual 21-and-over art exhibition is at artegon marketplace. there' s painting, sculpture, and burlesque from more than 200 artists. all celebrating the birthday suit. nude nite continues friday and saturday. tickets are $25 at the door. next there' s mardis gras at universal orlando. diana ross hits the stage saturday and the "barenaked ladies" on sunday. there' s also parades and cajun food. >> we have jambalaya, gumbo, beignets we have some beautiful crepes,
4:40 pm
s all included with admission to the park. the love your short film festival runs through sunday in sanford. there' s a variety of short films to see. tickets start at and speaking of eight dollars. love. dozens of couples are saying i do 400 feet in the air saturday on the orlando eye. organizers say they may have a few open spots, so you' re welcome to show up. ceremonies begin at 2:00 p.m, and number five. the second annual indie folk fest is at the mennello museum of art. the special valentine' s day-themed family picnic festival celebrates florida music, artists, food. the indie folk fest is free and runs from noon until 5:00 p.m. saturday. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. summer: 20 cases and counting. florida' is there are 20 new cases of the assistance they are providing. summer: a very special reunion after a man loses his dog.
4:41 pm
make that reunion happen. meredith: a traffic update. take a live look. this is the 417 northbound. there is an accident here. you can' t quite see the crash, but it causes backup in the lanes.
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at summer: today the state of florida announced measures to help you in the fight against the zika virus. meredith: and the world health organization had a briefing today revealing 15 companies are working right now to come up with a vaccine. >> many people are working towards
4:45 pm
soon as possible. but in spite of this encouraging landscape, vaccines are at least 18 months away from large scale trials. meredith: they went further to say they' re watching the deliveries of pregnant women in columbia to build the link between microcephaly and the virus. meanwhile the florida state health department wants you to be better informed about the fight against the zika virus. they' ve opened a hotline that you can call for information. that number is 855-622-6735. this is a map of all the counties where cases of zika are now confirmed, adding alachua county today. osceola county is the only one in central florida. there have been 20 cases diagnosed so far in florida, each said to be travel related. summer: we' re starting to get a better understanding of the damage on cruise ship anthem of the seas. the ship sailed back into new jersey just days ago. earlier this week, the ship, full of passengers got caught in a wild storm off the coast of the carolinas.
4:46 pm
central florida. a coast guard says the intense winds and high waves wound up damaging part of the ships propulsion system. but most of the damage was cosmetic, including broken glass and furniture. meredith: a heartwarming reunion between a man and mans best friend, and the man in new smyrna . the two are back together again thanks to holly hill please. reporter: though the dogs owner is at an assisted living facility in new smyrna beach, a nurse friend was caring for the dog in holly hill while the owner recovered from surgery. when the dog went missing there, holly hill police began a search and rescue mission. >> awwwww, my big boy here' s my big boy. reporter: kevin young choked back tears when lt. chris yates carried youngs poodle/cocker spaniel mix poupee to his bedside. >> i could not be happier, has used the closest thing to a
4:47 pm
>> this is why i got into law enforcement, to help people like this area reporter: when poupee slipped away in holly hill 4 weeks ago, word got to police through facebook and they alerted every city employee to be on the lookout, lo and behold, yesterday, one of them spotted the dog, looking a little worse for wear after life on the run. lt. yates chased him for 15 minutes. >> the dog tried to go under a house where their was lattice and the lattice actually stopped him and we were able to grab the dog then. >> look at that pretty boy, look at that pretty boy, where' s my boy been? reporter: poupee is his master' s constant companion the joy in a challenging life for the quadriplegic while the dog was gone, young was beside himself. now that poupee is back by his side, he is grateful for the puppy police. >> it shows me there' s a lot of good people in this world, going above and beyond their call. i just can' t think you guys enough.
4:48 pm
will remember it to the day i die. reporter: he will not let the dog after his site again, but if anything happens, he has got friends in law enforcement. meredith: such a happy ending there. a good night to take your dogs out for a walk. tony mainolfi joining us now. tony: we have great weather,paws in the park. daytona beach in beautiful high definition. afternoon highs climbing to 75 degrees in daytona beach. spectacular. if you take a look at the national weather map, here is why we live in central florida. minneapolis, bangor, maine, 13. washington, d.c. around 30 degrees.
4:49 pm
head into the weekend. but nothing too frigid this go around. by sunrise, the skies clearing up. the temperatures will be cooler, but not too bad. temperatures in the low to mid 60' s. 76, back toward albedo. back toward flagler beach, spectacular, 73-75. water temperature, 50' s and low 60' s. melbourne, through 9:00 pulling to 50 degrees. altamonte springs, 73 to 60. 52 in titusville. mid to upper 40' s.
4:50 pm
by the afternoon, a cold front coming through. we will be in the 60' s, and sunday, low to mid 60' s for a good chunk of central florida. the forecast from a sunrise, 57, pulling to 65 at 5:00. only 59 up toward palm coast. 66. cocoa beach tomorrow, 54, cooler than today. notice the water temperature, 62. up toward flagler beach, 54 degrees water temperature. over toward lake eola saturday morning, 9:00, sunny skies, 57 degrees. 11:00, a beautiful morning. what an awesome afternoon. then we move into valentine' s day.
4:51 pm
you may need that jacket for evening dinner plans. a shot of rain coming in monday night. we will talk more about that at 5:00. behind that front, we are talking temperatures low 70' s. summer: we have a traffic update. we have some live pictures. this is from our tower cam outside our studios. toward all tomorrow springs, some of flashing lights where the crash is. it has quite an impact on rush-hour traffic your it meredith: it is on eastbound i-4. a lot of construction happening too. friday rush hour, and a mess out there. that accident a few miles up on i-4 as you head into altamonte springs.
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officials, the baby was delivered safely. >> i' ve got a police officer and a medic on their way now. they were on the phone of the dispatcher and the father to be. together the three were able to figure out the best way to deliver the baby into the world while waiting for first responders. once on scene, the baby was born and kept warm. >> it was so cold we wanted to make sure the baby got warm and into the medic unit. the baby was named hanna marie. jim: latest on our breaking news, a three-year-old boy found a safe and sound several states away. xander quigley was found with his parents. what the police chief is saying
4:56 pm
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. angela: we begin with breaking news at 5:00, a three-year-old local child, who' s been missing for three weeks, has been found. good evening, i' m angela taylor.
4:59 pm
m jim payne. wesh 2 news has learned that xander quigley was located in tennessee with his mother and her boyfriend, a man police say escaped from a volusia county jail work release program. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel reports from daytona beach shores, the last place quigley was seen. dave: dramatic news involving an escaped inmates, his girlfriend and her son. we disappeared from daytona beach shores when it anklet bracelet was cut off and they all vanished. the grandparents of the child have been so worried about where he may be, they made it one play after another asking for his safe return. the sheriff' s office looking, the u.s. marshall -- air marshal as well. earlier today we got a phone call about the frustration that there is very little new news concerning the disappearance of their grandson. all three of them have been found in flemings berg,
5:00 pm
someone actually called him to pick up the grandchild, but another family member is on the way there. we checked with the u.s. marshals service, all three have been found late this afternoon. we don' t know how they were located, but the volusia county sheriff' s office has promised a news release to give us more details. the bottom line, the grandchild, his mother, and her boyfriend have been found. the suspect had allegedly walked away from a work release job. kentucky. we will have more information later on wesh 2 news. jim: we are also following breaking news on i-4. it is a slow slog this afternoon. you are looking at the tower cam from the road. -- lee road. those people are heading into an and maitland boulevard.


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